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Friends Group from 1994

Friends Group from 1994

ATTIC (Assistive Technology and Training Information Center) was started by parents of children with severe disabilities.  These parents had provided support, counseling, and parent training to families of children with disabilities for more than 15 years.  As their children got older and started to enter the adult service system, these families realized there was a need for an alternative to group homes and sheltered workshops.

1992 Article

From the Vincennes Sun Commercial, Sunday, April 5, 1992.

They became aware of Independent Living Centers through the Alliance for Technology Access (ATA), which was formed by the Berkley (California) Independent Living Center.  ATA was started to allow school aged children to benefit from the independent living philosophy and experience inclusion through the use of assistive technology and an adaptive curriculum in school.

On August 28, 1992, ATTIC was incorporated as a not-for-profit organization after holding eight (8) public meetings to discuss the possibility of starting an ATA center in Knox County.  During these meetings, they learned that an Independent Living Center was the natural direction to go since it included more of the needs identified in the meetings and extended the beliefs of ATA centers (consumer choice and consumer control).

An interim board was established to begin the organizational process.   The County Commissioners permitted the use of 2400 sq. ft. of space in its community building.  ATTIC became the 47th ATA center in the country and the first in Indiana in November of 1992 and received a Governor’s Planning Council establishment grant in February 1993.  The grant provided for online technical assistance and guidance with other centers and assistive technology equipment, resources, software, and devices.

After the establishment of the ATA center, ATTIC began the process of becoming an Independent Living Center.

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