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About ATTIC, Inc.

ATTIC serves people of all ages with a disability, we refer to the people we serve as consumers to recognize their right to maintain personal control over their lives and make their own choices.  We work with many local, state, and national organizations to help our consumer reach their goals.

Our staff is made up of employees and volunteers, most of whom have a disability or live with someone who does. As a result, we bring a personal understanding to the issues and challenges facing the consumers we serve.

We provide the four core services required of centers for independent living (CIL).  They include:

  • Individual and systems advocacy
  • Information and referral
  • Peer counseling
  • Independent living skills training

Click here for more information on CILs and the Independent living movement.

We also work within our communities to remove attitudinal, economic, architectural, and other barriers to independent living for people with disabilities.  Our community services include:

  • Systems advocacy
  • Public information and education
  • Technical assistance
  • Collaboration
  • Outreach

We also offer a resource library which includes video and audio tapes, resource files and directories on specific disabilities and disability issues, and information on laws, rules, and regulations relating to services and rights of people with disabilities.

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